Kathy D’Agostino is an ICF certified business coach and expert in corporate culture and strategy dedicated to helping small and mid-size companies transform their businesses and their lives.

In her 30 years of diverse business experience–from an award-winning sales career to growing successful sales teams, she learned how to build strong relationships with a wide group of leaders from non-profits to corporate 500 executives and small business owners. This knowledge has translated to a unique understanding of what it takes to have grit, tenacity, and persistence to overcome obstacles and still stay in the game.

When workplace dissatisfaction and quality of life issues became an ongoing challenge, Kathy engineered a radical shift in her professional life, aligning her core values with the unifying principles that guide her every day.

This change translated into more passion for leadership and a commitment to contribute to business and community to make a bigger impact.

With her rock-solid clarity, Kathy founded Win at Business Coaching, LLC., a consulting practice that helps business owners, executives, and leadership teams increase revenue, improve productivity and employee engagement.

Through creating an intentional company culture with purpose and passion, relationships grow, real conversations happen and collaboration improves—all while providing a place where all humans, diverse and unique, can live in alignment with their values every day honoring each one with respect, integrity, and dignity.

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