Leadership Development

Leadership – Creating the Winning Formula!

We help you to discover, develop and clarify the leader inside yourself that you were destined to be.

With a crystal clear vision, laser-focused attention and practical tools, our coaching process helps your leadership team achieve:

  • Higher levels of productivityLeadership
  • Elevated functioning
  • Ability to confidently make value-focused, results-oriented decisions
  • Increased innovation, creativity and success

Together, we tackle the tough questions to elevate your performance on the three levels of leadership:

Personal, Team and Organization

Our Leadership coaching is driven by 3 simple questions:

  1. What’s not working?
  2. What’s the impact to your organization?
  3. Where do you need the support to drive that changes

Our 4 Step Process

  1. Evaluate – the current leadership style and review feedback
  2. Explore – the desired personal goals and business results
  3. Engage – inspecific actionable steps to achieve desired results
  4. Execute –the plan through coaching, training and developmental programs

Questions to explore and reveal additional areas of improvement:

Executive Action#1 – Personal Leadership:

  • How can I focus on what’s most important?
  • How can I consistently and effectively communicate our core values to my staff and customers?
  • How can I manage my time more efficiently to focus on longer-range, strategic goals?
  • How can I better balance my work and family commitments and live by example?
  • How can I better practice “MBWA” [Manage by walking around] principals?

#2 – Team Leadership:

  • What is my team passionate about?
  • How can I help them create their vision and recognize their contribution?
  • How do I engage and excite my teams to be a high-performing team?
  • What do my teams need to innovate and implement ideas with the ‘fear of failing’?
  • What’s the best way to help my team be more accountable for results?

#3 – Organization Leadership:

  • What do I measure in my organizational structure that determines our achievements and success?
  • How can I communicate effectively with entire organization keeping them connected to our values and vision?
  • How can I maintain focus on the “big picture” and exemplify the leadership qualities that others want to follow?
  • How do I adapt and develop the organizational culture so that will allow us to continually grow?
  • How do I implement the new technologies, develop new strategies and create future goals yet always recognize the valuable contribution each employee makes to the organization.

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