“I met Kathy several years and recently was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with her on my business.  For some time I have known the importance of defining our core values, our mission and vision for our business.  My partner and I were looking to hire more staff and get more clarity with the direction of the business and knew how crucial this work was to making the right decisions.  As much as I knew the importance, like many business owners, I struggled with finding the time and even how to move forward.


When I found out that Kathy specialized in this area I jumped at the opportunity to work with her.  Being in business for three years, I knew this work was critical to taking our business to the next level.  We just completed our work with Kathy and I couldn’t be more thrilled with what we accomplished.  Not only is Kathy a consummate professional and extremely knowledgeable but she is passionate about what she does and it comes across in her undeniable commitment to her clients.    She made the process easy to follow and fun as well.  


The biggest thing I came away with and certainly wasn’t expecting this, came from the self-assessments of myself and my partner.  We came to learn where are strengths lie and more importantly how to better communicate with one another. This allowed us to make some significant changes in our organization which is resulting in improving our ROI.


Thanks to Kathy we have a better appreciation and understanding of our business and some great tools to take us to the next level.  I cannot recommend Kathy enough.  I promise that you will find working with her to be one of the most gratifying experiences as it relates to the further development of your business.  Definitely give her a call.  You will be glad you did.”

David A. Vogel President Video SEO Pro, Inc. | 901 North Broadway, Suite 3A | North White Plains, NY 10601 tel (914) 368-9600 | direct (914) 920-2391

Hi Kathy,
We wanted to thank you and let you know how much we benefited from the Team Building workshop you did for us recently. The experience was very much worth the investment of our time. When you first suggested this, while I thought it would be really valuable to our group, our demanding schedules make it difficult to take on more initiatives. But, I also understood that was exactly the reason we needed to “make the time”. If there was a way that our team could work more effectively, reduce stress and learn how to use some new tools to improve our work day, then I wanted to make that investment in them and my organization.
Business Council of Westchester works with a small staff and yet responsible for getting huge results. Each member of my team has to give 110%+ every day to keep our organization running at full speed and to have a best positive impact on the 1000+ members we serve.
During this workshop we gained insights into how our values affect our leadership style, learned to recognize our innate strengths and how to tap into them easily along with some techniques for reducing stress. Using these new tools, we can interact in more effectively with others and even hit the “pause button” and shift directions when required for a specific task. We use these tools daily!
Our team has a new understanding and respect for each other as well as a better recognition how we each can make our highest and best contribution. I’m so glad that we took the time out to make this workshop happen.

Dr. Marsha GordonPresident & CEOBusiness Council of Westchester

Working with Kathy was an eye opening process for me. She helped me get a better understanding of who I am as a person and as a business owner.


She helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses so I can improve and work better with my business partner, my staff and my clients.


By helping our company identify our core values, define our mission and develop our vision, Kathy empowered us have much more clarity on where we are as a business and mainly where we want to go.

Above all, Kathy is a warm and understanding person and it was a pleasure for me working with her!

Neco Turkienicz, Vice-President & Co-Founder Video SEO Pro White Plains, NY

We worked with Kathy from Win at Business Coaching to help us with a team building workshop to improve our inter-personal working relationships and help us improve my team’s productivity and leadership skills.

Being in the advertising sales field, one of the main issues our group faces is high stress and pressure to meet weekly goals/objectives. Managing the stress and negative thinking patterns while under deadline affects our ability to meet our revenue responsibilities.

The issues impacting our team were bickering, tension and frequent disagreements. The outside sales staff was leaving the office in a negative mind set…impacting their ability to close sales.

The full-day workshop helped each sales executive to identify their own core values and learn more about their co-workers values. This gave them the understanding of how others are wired as well as what their motivators were. Kathy also showed them some very helpful tools and how to shift out of negative thinking patterns. A few key points that impacted us mostly were…

  • her ability to create change in my department very quickly
  • using the Core Value Index reports for each individual team member, she helped our team make measureable, real-life changes through the debrief process; and
  • using the Core Values Process was so amazingly effective

Kathy had a wonderful engagement with the sales executives. They were extremely interested and highly motivated to learn more about themselves and their selling style. She provided them with skills training on how to stay focused and positive. I saw a profound shift in their outlook since Kathy’s half-day team-building training.

I’ve seen them implement their new skills training and use the tools she provided. My team has a new mutual respect and understanding for one another and it significantly improved the culture in my department. I feel like we’re all on the same page and we use our core values as a roadmap to making decisions and setting goals.

Learning more about myself through the core value evaluation also gave me insight on my staff. It provided me a clearer picture of how to identify their strength and how to help them navigate better in areas where they need to improve.

I highly recommend Kathy D’Agostino and the Core Values Team Building process and will use her again in the future!

Aria WardAdvertising ManagerTristate Media

The experience was very much worth the investment of our time. Our team has a new understanding and respect for each other as well as a better recognition how we each can make our highest and best contribution. I’m so glad that we took the time out to make this workshop happen.

BCW Organization

I was challenged with hiring and keeping good talent hadn’t been able to get to my most important, unique ability tasks so that I can grow my business and feel more fulfilled.
After I worked with Kathy and understood my core values better and how they were affecting my company, I walked away with a few key result-orientated tools I began to use immediately to work better with others.
I had an earth shattering epiphany (life-changing ah ha moment) in which I realized that I AM naturally compassionate, as one of my types indicated. But as a child that was beaten out of me when I continually got the message that saying how I felt was not valued. I was told I was needy when I said how I felt or what I needed.
Now I feel I can welcome that part of me back to myself and provide that for my employees also.

Erika SallouxCertified Professional Organizer®CEO, Living Harmony, LLC

Kathy provided an in depth look at my profile to help analysis my best core values. She was patient and answer my questions with regards to understanding my values so I can better target my goals. I would highly recommend Kathy.

Sandra RampersaudInsurance and Real Estate Broker

I worked with Kathy over the last several weeks to focus my prospecting and sales goals. Never in a million years would I expect to see a change so quickly, but only one week into working with her, my productivity spiked and hasn’t stopped since. Her focus with me is “work smarter not harder” and it has changed the way I value my service, products, and client relationships. Highly recommended!

Julia MoorePersonal, Commercial, and Life Sales RepresentativeMt. Kisco, NY

Hi Kathy –
I attended your presentation: 5 Secrets to Success for Small Biz Owners; in June. I got so much out of your talk and I immediately implemented a few of the Secrets for Success; which have made a huge improvement in my daily productivity.
As I mentioned to you, I attend a lot of training seminars and to say that this was by far one of the most helpful and informative presentations I have ever heard…would be an understatement. I especially like the stories because they created a visual for me and I knew immediately what I had to do to be more successful and it’s working!

Carnell NewsomeUnited Credit Services

Hi Kathy!!
I DID IT!!!! I was mindful of the situation. I was self-aware of my emotional state. I felt a shift occuring and hit a mental “pause” and CONSCIOUSLY shifted into a different mode. By choice. And I handled a situation with grace and compassion and ease, in a manner that preserved my relationships, respect, and sense of self-approval. And my subordinates did what I wanted them to do.
I just had to share that with you. I’m indescribably excited!!! It was so EASY!!!
You’re awesome; thank you so much; that is all. 🙂
Hope you’re doing well!

Laura McKennaFormer Black Hawk PilotUS Army & West Point Graduate

Kathy D’Agostino. Win at Business Coaching, presented a seminar for us called “Make It Work – From College to Corporate”. It was delivered to a group of 25 community college students who are aspiring to careers in business and are going to be visiting corporate mentors this spring 2015. The purpose of the seminar was to get them more focused on setting and achieving their goals, as well as becoming more collaborative in their communications.

Kathy’s presentation was both engaging and enthusiastic. She maintained that fine balance between making the students feel accomplished while also having them strive to do things in alternative ways when necessary. She was able to bring a different level of understanding to the concept of accountability, which is just what we wanted. The presentation definitely met the needs of the group.

We must mention how easy it is to work with Kathy and how flexible she is, always striving to meet our objectives. We had to go through several iterations of the presentation to build in everything that we wanted to get across, and it was an incredible amount of material which needed to flow in a precise way. Kathy was so responsive to our needs and built in each iteration with the utmost care. She clearly want to deliver the best product possible, and we truly appreciated her efforts.

Linda Salek, Program Director & Adele Shansky, Mentor Liaison - Westchester Community College

I recently used Kathy D’Agostino’s Win At Life Coaching service for a presentation to Westchester Community College’s Faculty Mentors. She was enthusiastic, motivational, and demonstrated behaviors which we were then able to translate and utilize in working with our students. She used our core values, strengths and talents in a variety of ways. Kathy has made herself available to us should future questions come up and we need to contact her as the academic year progresses. I highly recommend her program.

Paula Dambroff, Assistant Director, Volunteer Services, Westchester Community College Foundation
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