“I met Kathy several years and recently was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with her on my business.  For some time I have known the importance of defining our core values, our mission and vision for our business.  My partner and I were looking to hire more staff and get more clarity with the direction of the business and knew how crucial this work was to making the right decisions.  As much as I knew the importance, like many business owners, I struggled with finding the time and even how to move forward.


When I found out that Kathy specialized in this area I jumped at the opportunity to work with her.  Being in business for three years, I knew this work was critical to taking our business to the next level.  We just completed our work with Kathy and I couldn’t be more thrilled with what we accomplished.  Not only is Kathy a consummate professional and extremely knowledgeable but she is passionate about what she does and it comes across in her undeniable commitment to her clients.    She made the process easy to follow and fun as well.  


The biggest thing I came away with and certainly wasn’t expecting this, came from the self-assessments of myself and my partner.  We came to learn where are strengths lie and more importantly how to better communicate with one another. This allowed us to make some significant changes in our organization which is resulting in improving our ROI.


Thanks to Kathy we have a better appreciation and understanding of our business and some great tools to take us to the next level.  I cannot recommend Kathy enough.  I promise that you will find working with her to be one of the most gratifying experiences as it relates to the further development of your business.  Definitely give her a call.  You will be glad you did.”

David A. Vogel President Video SEO Pro, Inc. | 901 North Broadway, Suite 3A | North White Plains, NY 10601 tel (914) 368-9600 | direct (914) 920-2391

Hi Kathy,
We wanted to thank you and let you know how much we benefited from the Team Building workshop you did for us recently. The experience was very much worth the investment of our time. When you first suggested this, while I thought it would be really valuable to our group, our demanding schedules make it difficult to take on more initiatives. But, I also understood that was exactly the reason we needed to “make the time”. If there was a way that our team could work more effectively, reduce stress and learn how to use some new tools to improve our work day, then I wanted to make that investment in them and my organization.
Business Council of Westchester works with a small staff and yet responsible for getting huge results. Each member of my team has to give 110%+ every day to keep our organization running at full speed and to have a best positive impact on the 1000+ members we serve.
During this workshop we gained insights into how our values affect our leadership style, learned to recognize our innate strengths and how to tap into them easily along with some techniques for reducing stress. Using these new tools, we can interact in more effectively with others and even hit the “pause button” and shift directions when required for a specific task. We use these tools daily!
Our team has a new understanding and respect for each other as well as a better recognition how we each can make our highest and best contribution. I’m so glad that we took the time out to make this workshop happen.

Dr. Marsha GordonPresident & CEOBusiness Council of Westchester

When I first started working with Kathy, I had several things in front of me, both hurdles and opportunities. Often I would get mired down with details of that come with over analyzing and self doubt. Kathy helped me prioritize my goals and set my own path to achieve them. The path I determined was as aggressive as it was clear. With Kathy’s coaching, I was able to hold myself accountable, clear my ‘to-do’ list and set forth a new path to profitability and happiness. I look forward to each of our conversations and seeing what we come up with next.

Jason Ledder

Kathy’s coaching was very helpful. She has a unique combination of practical tactics, along with useful perspectives that really got me to say “Aha!” One of the tools she used was – The role playing, where Kathy “played” me and I played the person with whom I was having the issues was tough, but particularly educational and helpful. That process allowed me to see that I have a lot more power to deal with the issues, like the ones that brought me to Kathy, so long as I’m willing to own the responsibility and do the work. This is all my choice. If I want a different outcome, all I have to do is change my energy around the issue. Coaching with Kathy delivered so much more than what I could have ever expected!

Ken Jacobs, Principal at Jacobs Communications Consulting, LLC

My coaching sessions with Kathy taught me many different tools to us in my business and in working with others. One of the biggest take-a-ways was to be mindful of the words I use when referencing my business, my interactions with employees and clients— That words have power—and the words I choose matters. I learned so much more than I can even list here—I didn’t expect to get such insight into the emotional aspect of being a business owner. I now have a feeling and sense of accomplishment and progress — which helped me tremendously both professionally and personally! The CORE VALUES [CVI] info is DEEP—and these sessions were just the “tip of the iceberg”

Janeen Violante – Hudson Valley Graphics – Westchester Business Academy

I coached with Kathy for several months regarding some career-related issues and personal things that were a challenge for me. I knew that I couldn’t figure them out in my old way and knew I had to try something else to get a different result and finally get them resolved. Kathy came highly recommended to me and I just knew she was the right one to help me through this process. Not only did I get different results and solutions on how to make shifts in my thinking, but I learned about how my core values were influencing my life’s choices, what was causing me pain and driving my ineffective decisions, and holding me back from living my Life to its full potential. I wanted to learn how I could be a better role model for my 2 young children and improve my relationships both at work and at home. The sessions were thought provoking and insightful. The biggest take away what the fact that I got to know myself better. I was able to realize aspects about myself that I would’ve never been able to figure out on my own. Because of this better understanding of who I am, this has allowed me see things from a new perspective and to handle difficult situations differently. I can now refocus my energy in a positive way that I was never able to achieve before the coaching process with Kathy. I would have to say that I had a feeling of control—which was a total benefit and surprise that I never expected to happen. The new consciousness I have about who I truly am made me more confident and allowed me to see that I have choices in the various situations and in life. This has definitely led to a reduction in stress and an increase in happiness

Zaheer S., Queens, NY
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