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Guest Blog – Nancy Shenker

difficult customers

Today I was doing a training for a group of high-stress workers who have a really difficult task of talking to many irate customers all day, every day. A great group of employees BUT they are way too stressed out and seriously feeling the effects of it in their lives and jobs.

We all know that customer that you can’t please especially when you work in a very personal way or interact closely with them.

Chances are those customers are pretty stressed out themselves from demanding j-o-b-s, disappointing lives, full of anger and frustration and they sometimes dump it on you. Often times that’s where their focus remains…on the problems…oh the drama! They vent, complain, blame, complain some more and rinse and repeat.

Well, venting is helpful right? You’ve got to get it out…dump that toxic waste everywhere. Why keep all that inside? Spread it out and it becomes like a contagious illness…it affect everyone who has to listen and experience the rants.

So here’s an interesting fact—what you focus on grows. Focus on the nasty customer, bad experiences and guess what you attract…more of the same!

So what’s the alternative… can you learn to live “toxic free”, change how you think and learn to dump some of that stress before it takes over your life?

First, don’t take the angry customers’ attitude or words personally. It’s really more about them than you. Smile at that angry customer, wish them well and move on. The bottom line is that stress-free people do not let toxic people dump it on them and take over their day. Just say “No” from Nancy Regan’s drug slogan in the ‘60’s!

Life’s too short to waste one minute absorbing other people’s toxic garbage. Love the customers who appreciate what you do for them and send good wishes to those who don’t. You have the power to choose how you want to live because, my dear, you always did!

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