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Woman-AngryLife gets hectic, we’re on the proverbial treadmill, and it feels stressful…like why can’t this be different? Why is just living so hard? If life feels like everything is coming at you and you’re no longer in control, would you be interested in learning about the best FREE stress buster and it only takes seconds?

The answer is so obvious and simple that it’s totally overlooked, discounted and forgotten.  It’s breathing!  Before you chuckle and dismiss the idea – here’s the rationale.  The first thing we do when we enter this world is breathe and the last thing we do as we exit this planet is take a breath.  However, the 30, 40, 50, or 60+ years in between, we seem to forget about breathing.

Here’s quick technique that can shift your world…so it’s called “reaching for SODA”. Nope – not the kind you drink but the kind you do. When you’re caught in the swirl of craziness…

Stop – just take a breath, a really deep one and relax

Observe – yup been here before…this is a familiar conversation, argument, etc.

Detach from the outcome of whatever’s going on – you are not in control of anyone but yourself

Awareness – you can choose a different thought, make a different choice but be aware of what you’re doing and you can shift from conditioned responses to one of deciding what do you really want and just do that!

I learned this from a great teacher @ and, if you practice it, it can change your world.

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