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What does it really mean to Win at Life?  How can we learn to “win” at getting what we truly want in life. If we spend most of our life pursuing what seems makes other people successful and happy, that will leave little time for each of us to focus on what could truly allow for us to feel joy and feel personal success.

“We forfeit three-fourths of ourselves in order to be like other people.” ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

Finding our own personal blueprint – a template of sorts – by following our own internal values, our passions, and desires to make our best and great contribution to our families and our work–could that lead us to our path of being the winner in our own life? What would that take and how could we do this to become the one who directs our life and and inspires others?

I know this for sure, that what we focus our attention on, is what we get more of!  It’s the simple “Law of Attraction” yet for many of us, simply not understanding that this principle exists, can cause much frustration and angst.  When we keep experiencing situations that we don’t want and not understanding how we keep getting results that we don’t want, it might cause us to question “why me”?  Not understanding why we can’t be the person who “always gets the prize, always looks happy, never loses at anything”, often times leads us to forfeit ourselves to be like someone else.

What if we focused our attention on being the leader in our own life by shifting our thoughts, feelings and actions to our values, our strengths and what lights us up? Then begin  taking small steps everyday to create that life, those relationships and attaining those goals that fulfill us?  It seems to me that if we were to do that–we would be creating a winning blueprint for our success in everything we do.

One small step in this direction could be to just change the way you say things.  Words are powerful!  If we say what we don’t want, guess what?

We get more of that…but that principle seems to surprise people.  Here’s the shift and I guarantee you it is easy once you start to hit that “pause” button before you speak.

Simply STATE what you DO want! It’s that easy! Instead of “I don’t need any more problems in my life” reframing that statment to say what you do want.

Saying “I sure could use some solutions here” can help you focus on getting answers to what issues or problems are coming up in your life. Another one that comes up a lot for people is:
“I never want to be like my parents, or that person, or this person”. Really?? You guessed it, one day you wake up and say “I’m just like ….!! How did this happen?”

How about “I really want to be that person who is kind to everyone” or “I’m going to create my life so that I am happy, achieve my goals, follow my bliss”!

It doesn’t take any more time or energy to shift your thoughts, which will change your feelings and will drive new actions. It’s called a “pattern interrupt” and it can change your life!

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